LCI SOLUTIONS President Nikolaos Spanoudis LCI SOLUTIONS President Nikolaos Spanoudis

successful company here in Cebu has a dedicated philisophy of helping the needy and unfortunate people of Cebu, Nikolaos Spanoudis has started a charity through LCI SOLUTIONS called CEBU HEROES.

Cebu heroes

Cebu heroes makes monthly donations

food and clothing to various organized charities in Cebu city. Nikolaos Spanoudis believes you cannot enjoy success without helping the needy and unfortunate. Many members of LCI SOLUTIONS MANAGEMENT team are actively involved in the charitable organization.

Nikolaos Spanoudis And His Management team

staff Alin Sava, Grace Bate, Glynes Cabarubias and Dr. Rico Sebastian believes that being actively involved in the distribution of necessities directly to the orphanages eliminated and deters any scams, fraudulent charities and unethical behavior on the part of scammers.